No core charge is required for the rebuilt cylinders as I do not do it regularly, but I would appreciate if you send me your old cylinder back.

Cylinder 129 800 2172: R129 rear locks (any of the rear bow or tonneau cover locks. Can replace 129 800 0072.) $150 (I have 2 on hand)

Cylinder 129 800 2072: R129 tonneau cover lift - $150 (I have 1 on hand, 2 required).

Cylinder 230 800 1372: R230 trunk lid drive - $150 (I have 1 on hand, 1 required).

R129 front latch (no cylinder) - $150.

R129 front grille. New, original by Mercedes-Benz, in sealed box - $800

I do not have any other parts than listed here. Please, send me an email if you have any questions or want to purchase any of these parts.